Drive-In Mash-Up :: Mellow Movie Jam! One Night Only! Catch It! (July, 1978)





And here we have a virtual melting pot of softcore sleaze-o-rama from our friends at Group 1 International Distribution Organization Ltd. From Italy we have La liceale a/k/a The Teasers; and from Spain via West Germany we have La casa de las mil muñecas a/k/a House of a 1000 Pleasures (–with Vincent Price in the cast no less); and from the former Yugoslavia we have Nokaut a/k/a Rogue; and finally, a film of unknown origin called Girls In Trouble, which, according to the IMDB distribution list for Group 1 could be one of any half-dozen films. And together, we’ve got one helluva mellow movie jam for the 4th of July.

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