Killers on a Furlough from Hell! Trigger Happy Teen-Age Hoodlums Living for Kicks! (April, 1956)


Copy of 100_3981


Copy of 100_3983


Copy of 100_3989

Crashout (1955) Standard Productions :: Filmakers Releasing Orginazation / EP: Irving H. Levin / P: Hal E. Chester / D: Lewis R. Foster / W: Hal E. Chester, Lewis R. Foster, Cy Endfield / C: Russell Metty / E: Robert Swink / M: Leith Stevens / S: William Bendix, Arthur Kennedy, Gene Evans, William Talman, Marshall Thompson, Gloria Talbott

Mad at the World (1955) Filmakers Releasing Orginazation / P: Collier Young / AP: James H. Anderson / D: Harry Essex / W: Harry Essex / C: William E. Snyder / E: Stanford Tischler / M: Leith Stevens / S: Frank Lovejoy, Keefe Brasselle, Cathy O’Donnell, Karen Sharpe, Joe Turkel, Aaron Spelling

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