A Cut Above the Rest and, Together, They’re Murder (September, 1972)











When their latest emissary is returned packed into several sausage casings, the Chicago mob sends their top gun in the form of Lee Marvin to Kansas City to collect an outstanding debt from a rival and upstart faction led by Gene Hackman. A faction that not only corners the local meat market and drug trade, but is also in the white slavery business. Mayhem and bloodshed ensues. Directed by Michael Ritchie from a script by Robert Dillon, the plot and action of Prime Cut stretches one’s credulity a bit, but the cast helps us push through this, leaving oneself with an interesting and offbeat mafia tale that’s been, perhaps rightfully, lost in The Godfather’s wake. Still, if you’ve ever wanted to see a car eaten by a combine — which, for the record, would never, ever, work — here ya go.

Prime Cut (1972) Cinema Center Films :: Natural General Pictures / EP: Kenneth L. Evans / P: Joe Wizan / AP: Mickey Borofsky / D: Michael Ritchie / W: Robert Dillon / C: Gene Polito / E: Carl Pingitore / M: Lalo Schifrin / S: Lee Marvin, Gene Hackman, Sissy Spacek, Angel Tompkins, Gregory Walcott


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