The Double Scorch! Jet-Fueled to Top Any Show on Record! (January, 1959)







The Hot Angel (1958) Paragon Productions :: Paramount Pictures / P: Stanley Kallis / AP: Kendrick Sweet / D: Joe Parker / W: Stanley Kallis / C: Karl Struss / E: Leon Selditz, Eda Warren / M: Richard Markowitz / S: Jackie Loughery, Ed Kemmer, Mason Alan Dinehart, Lyle Talbot, Heather Ames

When Hell Broke Loose (1958) Dolworth Productions :: Paramount Pictures / P: Oscar Brodney, Sol Dolgin / D: Kenneth G. Crane / W: Oscar Brodney, Ib Melchior / C: Hal McAlpin / E: Asa Boyd Clark, Kenneth G. Crane / M: Albert Glasser / S: Charles Bronson, Violet Rensing, Richard Jaeckel, Arvid Nelson, Robert Easton

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