The Price of Uncovering the Secret of this Film Comes High — Your Life! (July, 1965)









The Satan Bug (1965) The Mirisch Corporation :: United Artists / P: John Sturges / D: John Sturges / W: James Clavell, Edward Anhalt, Alistair MacLean (novel) / C: Robert Surtees / E: Ferris Webster / M: Jerry Goldsmith / S: George Maharis, Richard Basehart, Anne Francis, Dana Andrews, Edward Asner, Simon Oakland, John Anderson

Topkapi (1964) Filmways Pictures :: United Artists / P: Jules Dassin / AP: Roger Dwyre, Lee Katz / D: Jules Dassin / W: Monja Danischewsky, Eric Ambler (novel) / C: Henri Alekan / E: Roger Dwyre / M: Manos Hatzidakis / S: Melina Mercouri, Peter Ustinov, Maximilian Schell, Robert Morley, Akim Tamiroff

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