Remembering Ray :: Travel Back Through Time and Space to the Edge of Man’s Beginnings … Discover a Savage World Whose Only Law Was Lust! (July, 1967)















“I’m very happy that so many young fans have told me that my films have changed their lives. That’s a great compliment. It means I did more than just make entertaining films. I actually touched people’s lives — and, I hope, changed them for the better.”


Ray Harryhausen

Other Points of Interest:

More ads for Harryhausen’s films.

One Million Years B.C. (1966) Associated British-Pathé :: Hammer Films :: Seven Arts Productions :: 20th Century Fox / P: Michael Carreras / AP: Aida Young / D: Don Chaffey / W: Michael Carreras / C: Wilkie Cooper / E: Tom Simpson / M: Mario Nascimbene / S: Raquel Welch, John Richardson, Percy Herbert, Robert Brown, Martine Beswick, Lisa Thomas

The Devil’s Own a/k/a The Witches (1966) Hammer Films :: 20th Century Fox / P: Anthony Nelson Keys / D: Cyril Frankel / W: Nigel Kneale, Norah Lofts (novel) / C: Arthur Grant / E: Chris Barnes, James Needs / M: Richard Rodney Bennett / S: Joan Fontaine, Kay Walsh, Alec McCowen, Ann Bell, Ingrid Boulting

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