She’s the Pop Top Princess with the Recyclable Can! (July, 1975)









Although John Broderick’s Six Pack Annie, where our title lush searches for the right Sugar Daddy to keep her restaurant afloat, isn’t the apex of the Hicksploitation or Backwater Buffoonery genre it’s still worth your time, even if you don’t have a high tolerance for such things. As for our second feature, we move out of the country to the streets of suburban Los Angeles, where our title lead is a cop who gives his *ahem* ‘nightstick’ a lot of work as he protects and serves, and serves, and serves and serves and serves, a seemingly endless line of needy women. (And you won’t believe what the Urban Dictionary’s definition of a Dirty O’Neil is…)

Six Pack Annie (1975) United Producers :: American International / P: John C. Broderick  / D: Graydon F. David / W: Norman Winski, David Kidd, Wil David / C: Daniel Lacambre  / E: John H. Arrufat / M: Raoul Kraushaar / S: Lindsay Bloom, Jana Bellan, Bruce Boxleitner, Larry Mahan, Doodles Weaver

Dirty O’Neil (1974) Metaphor Production :: United Producers :: American International / EP: Leon Capetanos / P: John C. Broderick / AP: James V. Hart / D: Lewis Teague, Howard Freen / W: Howard Freen / C: Stephen M. Katz / E: Lewis Teague / M: Raoul Kraushaar / S: Morgan Paull, Art Metrano, Jeane Manson, Katie Saylor, Pat Anderson

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