Ghastly Tales Drenched with Gouts of Blood! Carnage and Violence Mark this Double-Barralled NIGHT OF HORROR! (May, 1969)

I haven’t had the pleasure of watching Herschell Gordon Lewis’ A Taste of Blood yet, but from what I’ve read I think I need to take a look — and fast. Seems somebody has accidentally ingested some blood of Dracula, who is now seeking revenge on the descendents of those who done the Transylvanian Count in. That’s right: an unofficial sequel to Bram Stoker’s novel that clocks in at an astonishing 2 hours! No wonder it’s referred to as Lewis’ Gone with the Wind. As for our second feature, I’ve only seen the MST3k’d version of Teen-Age Strangler a/k/a Terror in the Night but I always kinda dug the hometown auteur flavor of the proceedings. It’s clumsy and a bit kooky, but it also has a bit of a nasty streak, making it worth a look unmolested — if you can find it.

A Taste of Blood (1967) Creative Film Enterprises Inc. :: Ajay Film Company / EP: Sidney J. Reich / P: Herschell Gordon Lewis / D: Herschell Gordon Lewis / W: Donald Standford / C: Andy Romanoff / E: Richard Brinkman / M: Larry Wellington / S: Bill Rogers, Elizabeth Wilkinson, William Kerwin, Lawrence Tobin, Otto Schlessinger

Teen-Age Strangler (1964) Ajay Film Company :: American Diversified Services :: Original Six / EP: Elvin Feltner / P: Clark Davis / D: Bill Posner / W: Clark Davis / C: Fred Singer / E: John Detra / M: Danny Dean / S: Bill Bloom, Stacy Smith, John Humphries, Rick Harris, Jo Canterbury

2 Responses to “Ghastly Tales Drenched with Gouts of Blood! Carnage and Violence Mark this Double-Barralled NIGHT OF HORROR! (May, 1969)”

  1. Two stinkers but the last Drive-in adds The Horrible Dr. Hichcock, now that one is a classic and a great movie. Hichock was re-released during that time (1967) along with its original co-feature The Awfull Dr. Orloff. That double bill had done great back in 1964 on its original american release.

    great blog BTW.

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