Take a Bite and Feel All Right! (September, 1973)









White Lightning (1973) Levy-Gardner-Laven :: United Artists / P: Arthur Gardner, Jules V. Levy, Arnold Laven / D: Joseph Sargent / W: William W. Norton / C: Edward Rosson / E: George Jay Nicholson / M: Charles Bernstein / S: Burt Reynolds, Jennifer Billingsley, Ned Beatty, Bo Hopkins, Louise Latham, Diane Ladd, R.G. Armstrong

2 Responses to “Take a Bite and Feel All Right! (September, 1973)”

  1. I’ve really been itching to get into Hicksploitation lately. If I just had more tim…

    • I highly recommend starting at ground zero, which I contend THUNDER ROAD will now and forever be the birth of Hicksploitation as we know and love it.

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