Where Adventure Ends — And HELL Begins! (June, 1973)











Okay, now I know that last ad technically isn’t a double-feature but it still cracks me all the hell up. Inspired by Elliot Silverstein’s A Man Called Horse, which saw Richard Harris forcibly going native and suspended on a couple of meat-hooks through his chest, Umberto Lenzi’s unofficial remake finds another Brit well off the beaten path of civilization, deep in the jungles of Thailand, where he is captured by some natives who go all Mondo Cane on his ass. Yeah, we’ve got Cannibal Cinema Ground Zero, here, folks, complete with sadistic tribal rituals, wholesale animal slaughter, and who the hell knows what else will be permanently scarred into you retinas. And with its box-office success, for the next decade, Lenzi and fellow Italian director Ruggero Deodato would continually march off into the jungle to try and one up each other by heaping one atrocity on top of the other in effort to make the audience taste their popcorn twice. And you can see it all if you’re over 18 — with proof, pilgrim.

Man from Deep River (1972) Medusa Produzione :: Joseph Brenner Assoc. / EP: Giorgio Carlo Rossi / P: Ovidio G. Assonitis / D: Umberto Lenzi / W: Francesco Barilli, Massimo D’Avak / C: Riccardo Pallottini / E: Eugenio Alabiso / M: Daniele Patucchi / S: Ivan Rassimov, Me Me Lai, Prasitsak Singhara, Sulallewan Suxantat

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