Be Brave … Come Shudder With Us! (August, 1965)





Hey, look! Another phantasmically fantastic Friday the 13th Movie Marathon! I kinda always dug Herb Strock’s poor man’s Quatermass movie, The Crawling Hand, but I’m hard pressed to explain exactly why. It’s like the look on people’s faces after they tell you pigs are smart and you ask them what’s the smartest thing a pig’s ever done in their presence. (That’s me shrugging right now. Anyhoo…) Next, having seen and gawked my way through The Slime People I think it’s safe to say the secret to fending off these slimy, subterranean invaders is some Pepto-Bismol as it sounds like they’re all suffering from a bad case of Montezuma’s Revenge. And though I could baffle you with some bullcrit, to be truthful, I had never even heard of Lesley Salander’s The Vampire’s Ghost before but now have an incredible itch to track it down and see a Republic Pictures version of a Val Lewton creeper.

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