Dragged Out in the Open at Last! The Foul Traffic Carried on by Rapacious Quack “Doctors” and Harassed Girls! (June, 1946)









Black Market Babies (1945) Monogram Pictures / P: Jeffrey Bernerd / D: William Beaudine / W: George Maurice, George Wallace Sayre, Virginia Reid (story) / C: Harry Neumann / E: William Austin / M: Edward J. Kay / S: Ralph Morgan, Kane Richmond, Jayne Hazard, Teala Loring, Marjorie Hoshelle, George Meeker

Behind the Mask (1946) Monogram Pictures / P: Joe Kaufmann / AP: Lou Brock / D: Phil Karlson / W: Arthur Hoerl, George Callahan, Walter B. Gibson (story) / C: William A. Sickner / E: Ace Herman / M: Edward J. Kay / S: Kane Richmond, Barbara Read, George Chandler, Joseph Crehan, Dorothea Kent

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