Temptation and Terror! Raw Violence and Savage Fury! (December, 1957)








Other Points of Interest:

Film review of Flesh and the Spur at the Brewery.

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Naked Paradise a/k/a Thunder Over Hawaii (1957) Sunset Productions :: American International / EP: James H. Nicholson / P: Roger Corman / D: Roger Corman / W: Charles B. Griffith, Mark Hanna / C: Floyd Crosby / E: Charles Gross / M: Ronald Stein / S: Richard Denning, Beverly Garland, Lisa Montell, Leslie Bradley, Dick Miller, Jonathan Haze

Flesh and the Spur (1957) Hy Productions :: American International / EP: Mike Connors, Charles J. Lyons Jr. / P: Alex Gordon / D: Edward L. Cahn / W: Charles B. Griffith, Mark Hanna, Lou Rusoff / C: Frederick E. West / E: Robert S. Eisen / M: Ronald Stein / S: John Agar, Marla English, Mike Connors, Joyce Meadows, Raymond Hatton

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