Tomorrow’s Battle to Save the World Today! Daring! Shocking! True to Life! (July, 1960)









And here’s another oddly mismatched double-feature from 1960 courtesy of Allied Artists. First up, a look at racial injustice, where a fair-skinned African American manages to pass herself off as Caucasian and marries into a rich family. Keeping her secret was hard enough, but when she becomes pregnant she fears the truth will finally come out when the baby does the same. Next, we chuck the social commentary right out the window as we head under the arctic ice with the crew of the Tiger Shark, to battle some mono-optical blob aliens and their deadly UFO in an absolute hair-brained gonzoidal classic.

I Passed for White (1960) Allied Artists / P: Fred M. Wilcox / D: Fred M. Wilcox / W: Fred M. Wilcox / C: George J. Folsey / E: George White / M: Jerry Irvin, John Williams / S: Sonya Wilde, James Franciscus, Patricia Michon, Isabel Cooley, Lon Ballantyne

Atomic Submarine (1960) Allied Artists / P: Alex Gordon, Henry Schrage / AP: Irving Block, Orville H. Hampton, Jack Rabin / D: Spencer G. Bennet / W: Orville H. Hampton / C: Gilbert Warrenton / E: William Austin / M: Neil Brunnenkant, Alexander Laszlo / S: Arthur Franz, Dick Foran, Brett Halsey, Tom Conway, Paul Dubov, Bob Steele

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