Entering the 3rd Dimension :: 500 Men Caged Up with One Woman! Real as Flesh! (November, 1953)









Devil’s Canyon (1953) RKO Radio Pictures / EP: Howard Hughes / P: Edmund Grainger / D: Alfred L. Werker / W: Frederick Hazlitt Brennan, Harry Essex, Bennett Cohen, Norton S. Parker / C: Nicholas Musuraca / E: Gene Palmer / M: Daniele Amfitheatrof / S: Virginia Mayo, Dale Robertson and Stephen McNally, Arthur Hunnicutt, Whit Bissell, Morris Ankrum

Lumber Jack-Rabbit (1953) Warner Bros. Pictures / P: Edward Selzer / D: Chuck Jones / W: Michael Maltese / E: Treg Brown / M: Carl W. Stalling / S: Mel Blanc, Norman Nesbitt

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