All the Horror of a Thousand Frightening Dreams in One Panic-Packed Show! (June, 1969)








Other Points of Interest:

Full film review of Blood Demon at 3B Theater.

Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1968) Hemisphere Pictures / EP: Kane W. Lynn / P: Eddie Romero / AP: Beverly Miller / D: Gerry DeLeon, Eddie Romero / W: Reuben Canoy / C: Justo Paulino / M: Tito Arevalo / S: John Ashley, Angelique Pettyjohn, Ronald Remy, Alicia Alonzo

Blood Demon a/k/a Castle of the Living Dead (1967) Constantin Film Produktion :: Hemisphere Pictures / P: Erwin Gitt / D: Harald Reinl / W: Manfred R. Köhler / C: Ernst W. Kalinke, Dieter Liphardt / E: Hermann Haller / M: Peter Thomas / S: Lex Barker, Karin Dor, Christopher Lee, Carl Lange

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