Torn from Today’s Headlines! Who is His Next Victim?! (May, 1964)




The Strangler (1964) Bischoff-Diamond Corporation :: Allied Artists / P: Samuel Bischoff, James Cresson, David Diamond / D: Burt Topper / W: Bill S. Ballinger / C: Jacques Marquette / E: Robert S. Eisen / M: Marlin Skiles / S: Victor Buono, David McLean, Diane Sayer, Ellen Corby, Russ Bender

Paris Pick-Up a/k/a Le monte-charge (1963) Galatea Film :: Marianne Productions :: Société Nouvelle des Établissements Gaumont (SNEG) / P: André Deroual, Robert Sussfeld / D: Marcel Bluwal / W: Marcel Bluwal, Frédéric Dard / C: André Bac / E: Germaine Vaury / M: Georges Delerue / S: Robert Hossein, Lea Massari, Robert Dalban, Pascale Brouillard, Maurice Garrel

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