It Creeps! It Crawls! It Strikes Without Warning! (October, 1958)





Other Points of Interest:

The poster campaign for The She-Creature at the Archive.

Full film review of It Conquered the World at 3B Theater.

The poster campaign for It Conquered the World at the Archive.

The She-Creature (1956) Golden State Productions :: American International / EP: Samuel Z. Arkoff / P: Alex Gordon / AP: Israel Berman / D: Edward L. Cahn / W: Lou Rusoff / C: Frederick E. West / E: Ronald Sinclair / M: Ronald Stein / S: Marla English, Chester Morris, Tom Conway, Cathy Downs, Lance Fuller

It Conquered the World (1956) Sunset Productions :: American International Pictures / EP: James H. Nicholson, Samuel Z. Arkoff / P: Roger Corman / D: Roger Corman / W: Lou Rusoff, Charles B. Griffith / C: Fred E. West / E: Charles Gross / M: Ronald Stein / S: Peter Graves, Lee Van Cleef, Beverly Garland, Sally Fraser, Russ Bender, Dick Miller, Jonathan Haze

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