An Escape from Reality — in a Biblical Sense. (May, 1969)



After a lot of digging, I’m fairly positive that this version of Adam and Eve is a Mexican import, Adán y Eva (1956),  that first made the rounds north of the border back in 1958.
Adam and Eve (1956/1958) Constelación :: Modern Film Distributors / P: Alberto Gout / AP: Francisco Oliveros del Valle / D: Alberto Gout / W: Alberto Gout / C: Alex Phillips / E: Jorge Bustos / M: Gustavo César Carrión / S: Christiane Martel, Carlos Baena, Carlos Martínez Baena

Spree (1967) Trans American Films / P: Carroll Case, Hal Roach Jr. / D: Walon Green, Mitchell Leisen / W: Sydney Field / C: Alan Stensvold / E: Edward A. Biery, Roy V. Livingston / S: Constance Moore, Mickey Hargitay, Vic Damone, Jayne Mansfield, Juliet Prowse


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