Wild Excitement! Tempestuous Romance! Wholesale Slaughter! (May, 1964)







A Distant Trumpet (1963) A First National Picture :: Warner Bros. / P: William H. Wright / D: Raoul Walsh / W: John Twist, Richard Fielder, Albert Beich, Paul Horgan (novel) / C: William H. Clothier / E: David Wages / M: Max Steiner / S: Troy Donahue, Suzanne Pleshette, Diane McBain, James Gregory, Claude Akins

Johnny Cool (1963) Chrislaw Productions :: United Artists / EP: Peter Lawford / P: William Asher / AP: Milton Ebbins / D: William Asher / W: Joseph Landon, John McPartland (novel) / C: Sam Leavitt / E: Otto Ludwig / M: Billy May / S: Henry Silva, Elizabeth Montgomery, Richard Anderson, Jim Backus, Joey Bishop, Telly Savalas

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