Rock and Roll Hoodlums! Juvenile Punishment Farm Exposed! (July, 1957)




Untamed Youth (1957) Devonshire Productions :: Warner Bros.  / P: Aubrey Schenck / D: Howard W. Koch / W: John C. Higgins, Stephen Longstreet / C: Carl E. Guthrie / E: John F. Schreyer / M: Les Baxter / S: Mamie Van Doren, Lori Nelson, John Russell, Yvonne Lime, Don Burnett

The Counterfeit Plan (1957) Merton Park Studios :: Warner Bros. / EP: Richard Gordon / P: Alec C. Snowden / AP: Charles F. Vetter / D: Montgomery Tully / W: James Eastwood / C: Philip Grindrod / E: Geoffrey Muller / M: Richard Taylor / S: Zachary Scott, Peggie Castle, Mervyn Johns, Sydney Tafler, Lee Patterson

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