Whipping it Up with Moonshining, Bootlegging and Hellraising Women (June, 1973)78





Blacksnake! (1973) Trident Films Ltd. / P: Russ Meyer / AP: Eve Meyer, Anthony-James Ryan / D: Russ Meyer / W: Russ Meyer, Leonard Neubauer, Anthony-James Ryan / C: Arthur J. Ornitz / E: Fred Baratta / M: William Loose / S: Anouska Hempel, David Warbeck, Percy Herbert, Vikki Richards, David Prowse

The Girls from Thunder Strip (1966) Borealis :: American General Pictures / P: David L. Hewitt / D: David L. Hewitt / W: David L. Hewitt, Pat Boyette / C: Gary Graver / E: Gary Graver / M: Al Quick / S: Maray Ayres, William Bonner, Lindsay Crosby, Casey Kasem, Jack Starrett, Jody McCrea

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