The Horrors of Adult Delinquency, Pleasure-Mad Parents, The Shame Story of Our Time! (July, 1944)





Are These Our Parents? (1944) Monogram Pictures / P: Jeffrey Bernerd / D: William Nigh / W: Hilary Lynn, Michael Jacoby / C: Harry Neumann / E: John Link / M: Edward Kay / S: Helen Vinson, Lyle Talbot, Ivan Lebedeff, Noel Neill, Richard Byron

Charlie Chan in the Chinese Cat (1944) Monogram Pictures / P: James S. Burkett, Philip N. Krasne / D: Phil Rosen / W: George Callahan, Earl Derr Biggers (novel) / C: Ira H. Morgan / E: Fred Allen / M: Alexander Laszlo / S: Sidney Toler, Joan Woodbury, Mantan Moreland, Benson Fong, Ian Keith

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