For the Love of Ida Lupino :: Fugitive Woman! From Love, Terror, Scandal and a Shady Past! (July, 1950)




Here, Ida meets her match both onscreen and off. On with villainous Stephen McNally, and off with Howard Duff. I have no idea how their marriage lasted over 30 years but lasted it did.
This post was one of my meager contributions to The Ida Lupino Blogathon (2011) hosted by The Miss Ida Lupino fan page, a well-worth-your-while shrine to one of my favorite actresses that is sadly no longer with us. Still, my Ida love knows no bounds, and I hope you will enjoy this humble retrospective. Thanks!

Woman in Hiding (1950) Universal International Pictures / P: Michael Kraike / D: Michael Gordon / W: Oscar Saul, Roy Huggins, James Webb (novel / Fugitive from Terror) / C: William Daniels / E: Milton Carruth / M: Milton Schwarzwald / S: Ida Lupino, Stephen McNally, Howard Duff, Peggy Dow, John Litel

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