No! BUCK the Establishment, Man! (September, 1970)





Cycle Savages (1969) A Trans-American Film Release / EP: Mike Curb, Casey Kasem, Frank Ragusa / P: Maurice Smith / AP: Arthur N. Gilbert / D: Bill Brame / W: Bill Brame / C: Frank Ruttencutter / E: Herman Freedman / M: Jerry Styner / S: Bruce Dern, Melody Patterson, Chris Robinson, Maray Ayres, Karen Ciral

The Angry Breed (1968) Commonwealth United Entertainment / EP: Fred Maisel, Frank Brandt / P: David Commons / AP: Sally Goldwater, Jack Bohrer / D: David Commons / W: Rex Carlton, David Commons / C: Gregory Sandor / E: David Saxon / M: Larry Brown / S: Jan Sterling, James MacArthur, Melody Patterson, William Windom, Jan Murray

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