Deadly Pythons and Primitive Passions Unleashed! (December, 1957)





White Huntress (1954) Summit Films Ltd. :: American International / EP: Ian Warren / P:  George P. Breakston, C. Ray Stahl, John Croydon / AP: John R. Carter / D: George P. Breakston / W: Dermot Quinn / C: John Lawrence / E: Ted Obolensky / M: Philip Green / S: Robert Urquhart, John Bentley, Susan Stephen, Alan Tarlton, Howarth Wood

Naked Africa (1957) Malibu Productions :: American International / P: Cedric Worth / D: Ray Phoenix, Cedric Worth / W: Cedric Worth / C: Ray Phoenix / E: Morrie Roizman, Reva Schlesinger / M: Jack Shaindlin / S: Quentin Reynolds

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