Now the Unchained Avenger Emerges from the Raging Riots and Revels of 10000 Years Ago! (August, 1959)








Other Points of Interest:

Poster campaign for Hercules at the Archive.

Hercules (1958/1959) Galatea Film :: Embassy Pictures Corporation / P: Federico Teti :: Joseph E. Levine / D: Pietro Francisci / W: Ennio De Concini, Pietro Francisci, Gaio Frattini, Apollonios Rhodios (poem) / C: Mario Bava / E: Mario Serandrei / M: Enzo Masetti / S: Steve Reeves, Sylva Koscina, Fabrizio Mioni, Ivo Garrani, Gianna Maria Canale, Arturo Dominici, Luciana Paluzzi

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