SEE! Thrill Crazy, Kill Crazy, Sci-Noir Double-Dose of Excitement! (May, 1953)



The Magnetic Monster (1953) A-Men Productions :: United Artists / P: Ivan Tors / D: Curt Siodmak / W: Curt Siodmak, Ivan Tors / C: Charles Van Enger / E: Herbert L. Strock / M: Blaine Sanford / S: Richard Carlson, King Donovan, Jean Byron, Harry Ellerbe, Leo Britt

Gun Crazy (1950) King Brothers Productions :: United Artists / P: Frank King, Maurice King / D: Joseph H. Lewis / W: Millard Kaufman, Dalton Trumbo / C: Russell Harlan / E: Harry Gerstad / M: Victor Young / S: John Dall, Peggy Cummins, Berry Kroeger, Anabel Shaw, Morris Carnovsky

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