Random Drive-In Mash-Up :: It’s a Tough Life … (July, 1973)




The Getaway (1972) First Artists :: Foster-Brower Productions :: National General Pictures / P: Mitchell Brower, David Foster / D: Sam Peckinpah / W: Walter Hill / C: Lucien Ballard / E: Robert L. Wolfe / M: Quincy Jones / S: Steve McQueen, Ali MacGraw, Ben Johnson, Sally Struthers, Al Lettieri, Slim Pickens

Pocket Money (1972) First Artists :: National General Pictures / P: John Foreman / AP: Frank Caffey / D: Stuart Rosenberg / W: Terrence Malick, Jim Kane (novel) / C: László Kovács / E: Bob Wyman / M: Alex North / Paul Newman, Lee Marvin, Strother Martin, Christine Belford, Hector Elizondo

One Response to “Random Drive-In Mash-Up :: It’s a Tough Life … (July, 1973)”

  1. J. Walter Puppybreath Says:

    What’s the dealio with those ‘Getaway’ graphics?? They look like ad-mats from the ’30’s.

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