A One Man Brigade Caught in a Tornado-Whirl of Revenge! (April, 1959)





Ride Lonesome (1959) A Ranown Production :: Columbia Pictures / EP: Harry Joe Brown / P: Budd Boetticher / D: Budd Boetticher / W: Burt Kennedy / C: Charles Lawton Jr. / E: Jerome Thoms / M: Heinz Roemheld / S: Randolph Scott, Karen Steele, Pernell Roberts, James Best, Lee Van Cleef, James Coburn

Senior Prom (1958) Columbia Pictures / P: Harry A. Romm / AP: Moe Howard / D: David Lowell Rich / W: Hal Hackady / C: Fred Jackman Jr. / E: Al Clark / M: Van Alexander / S: Jill Corey, Paul Hampton, James Komack, Louis Prima, Keely Smith, Sam Butera and the Witnesses

3 Responses to “A One Man Brigade Caught in a Tornado-Whirl of Revenge! (April, 1959)”

  1. Whose idea of a double feature is that??? The Spider and Brain-Eaters I get, but a Boetticher western and Senior F’n Prom? And I bet you had to sit through that one first. Not that Ride Lonesome isn’t worth the wait, but do you really want to test that theory?

  2. Being a Louis Prima and Keely Smith fan probably helps on my end. And yes, Ride Lonesome would be worth the wait. And,believe me, brother, there are a lot more stranger and oddball double-bills than that unearthed. Would you believe The Exorcist and Cahill US Marshall? The Duke vs. Captain Howdy. Wow. The power of Colt compels you, Pilgrim. *blam The Power of Colt compels you. *blam*…

  3. And, now that I think about it, look at what they paired up with Westbound!

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