Attention Morgue Visitors…

Apparently, WordPress has implemented a new feature, something called the Infinity Scroll, and so, this site now functions like Tumblr, meaning every damned post posted will show up and load on one page and one page only. One. All of them. One page. Yep. One page. And in their vast and infinite wisdom, the powers that be at WordPress do not give you the option to disable this feature. Nice.

So, apologies to all on the obscene load times encountered. There’s nothing I can do, really. This development has me bummed to no end. Thought I really had something here. An ideal venue for displaying these treasures. I was wrong. As I dug into it, there are certain things you can do to work around this, but that would require finding a new theme so I can apply the proper widgets. I dug around for awhile, and the only other themes I even remotely liked don’t allow the kind of widget I’d need.

Well, shit.

For the meantime, I will probably keep posting. Hopefully, WordPress will come to their senses. I doubt it. It’s a handheld, mobile world now. And this Infinity Scroll works better for that format.

Whatever. Fine. I’ll deal with it. But.

Again. Shit.

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