Why Are We Here?

When I first started the original Scenes from the Morgue a few years ago, I’ll admit, I was winging things and wasn’t really sure what I wanted it to be. Yep, I was making it up as I blundered along, with no real set theme. But what I didn’t intend for it to be was strictly a showcase for Grindhouse Flicks, Cult Movies, and all out Monsteramas, but, somehow and somewhere, the venture done veered down that path. This point was really hammered home when I finally got around to making a master index, and then and there, I realized how far down that road I’d gone, with no real hope of turning back.

I do not regret that road taken — wow, now that’s some Frostian shit, right there — but, dammit, this was leaving way, way, way too much cool stuff left unseen. I do love me some gonzoidal cinema, but I also loves me some classics. And that’s why I came to the conclusion another showcase was in order. And after several aborted attempts to do just that I came to the real conclusion: I needed to blow the old Morgue up and just start over. And the biggest and best decision was to move the whole enterprise to another host site who allowed greater flexibility on image sizes so you all can enjoy the experience of immersing yourself in these ads the same why I do with each turn of the page — or, in this case, the click of a mouse.

So, what you’ll find here are the same old genre movies plus more mainstream movie ads, cinema classics from the silents to the 1980s, where this kinda art petered out and died, plus a whole lot more. Vintage ads and photos for all kinds of stuff that either caught my eye or dropped my jaw.

Also of note, I will be letting these ads speak for themselves. That’s not to say that I’ll never say anything, but I think updates will be more frequent if all I gotta do is post pictures and not feel obligated to write anything. And, lets be honest, we all know why you’re really here, right? Right.

Now stop reading and get to looking.

Thank you.
The Management

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